About Me

Hello! I am originally from Cleveland, OH.  My family moved to California when I was in middle school.  I am still a huge Cleveland Indians and Cleveland Browns fan.  Feel bad for me.

I moved to Texas five summers ago after getting married to a Texan. I have a four year old daughter and a thirteen year old step-daughter.

For college, I went to San Diego State University where I graduated with a Bachelors in Liberal Studies, with a specialization in math and English.  I also received the honors of becoming a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Golden Key International Honour Society.  If you like to surf and live in perfect weather year-round, San Diego is for you!

I earned my teaching credentials through San Diego State University, as well.  Go Aztecs!

I received my Masters from Saint Mary's College of California.  This campus is MUCH smaller than SDSU's campus, but it is quite pretty, tucked away in the mountains!

In addition, I am also GT and AVID certified and work closely with the math department.  We work together to come up with multiple methods to solve math problems.

This is my fifth year at Staley. Previously I was at Fallon Middle School in the San Francisco Bay Area. I taught there for nine years, and was there from the first day it opened its doors!  Throughout my teaching career I have taught many things!  At Fallon I taught sixth grade math, sixth grade advanced math, seventh grade math, eighth grade English, sixth grade ELA/history Core, theatre/art, reading strategies wheel, career tech wheel and elective, and yearbook.

Outside of school, I really enjoy reading, traveling, creating artcake decorating, going to the movies and theatre, listening to music, watching baseball, and SLEEPING!  My goal is to see all the ballparks in the MLB (I found this a few years ago: Fan Survey: MLB Ballpark Ranking).  I have seen eighteen so far (including a few retired parks), but Wrigley Field is my favorite. I am really close with my family (even though they are all so far away!), and travel a lot with them.

My newest hobby is hanging out with my toddler. She is a super friendly, happy baby who loves to jump on the trampoline, watch movies, talk, eat, and sleep! We spent a lot of time together this summer and did a lot of traveling and playing!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Italia (a trip I took with my sister and friend several summers ago):

Italia... Andiamo!