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Awesome Online Math Games

posted Dec 17, 2018, 2:34 PM by Michelle Boyd

Here are some fun games for learning/practicing many math topics!
  • Vector Kids Interactive Games Tons of interactive flashcards and games here, including Math Invaders!
  • Fraction Game Move all your markers to the other side using the fewest moves.
  • Bloxorz This is a game of strategy.  Good luck!
  • Zeus' Petals "A mysterious dark tower has appeared and spread chaos across the land. Help Zeus restore peace and tranquility by using multiplication skills to clear blocks from tower."
  • Integers/Fractions/Percents/PEMDAS Math Games Lots of different math games to help you with integers here!
  • Math Playground There is soooo much goodness on this site.  No really.  This one's a good one.  I could play on this site, too!  Lots of great games.  Find the skill you want/need to work on, and play the game that goes with it! (Side note: I know I always tell you your brain is lifting weights when you do math, but they really have a picture of a brain lifting weights here!)
  • Funbrain's Math and Number Games
  • NumberNut This site has everything: lessons, quizzes, activities, and workbooks!  Focus on one skill at a time.  Have fun with this one!
  • Math Mayhem Play other kids around the world.
  • Living Math! Ohmygosh!  There is so much awesomeness in this site!  Look beyond just the games section, too!
  • Interactive Math Games Find the topic you need help with and have fun!
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Algebraic Expressions Edition
I'll add more as I find them. There are also games posted on homework pages, so check those out, too!  Also, email me if you have some awesome games to add to this list!

Study Multiples and Factors

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